Monday, August 11, 2008


Did I mention my utter addiction to Project Runway? When I’m watching the Apprentice, I’ll be horrified in thoughts of how useless I would be, but when I watch Project Runway (basically an Apprentice for fashion designers) I get all sorts of ideas as to what I would design. Shame I can’t sew…
So anyway, yeah, Project Runway – love it, love it. Heidi Klum is great as a presenter, and it’s so dramatic!!! Plus lots of bitching. Sadly, the latest US series has been a bit lacklustre so far though.
But best of all is Project Runway Australia! Wow, so good. All the contestants are adorable and funny, I’m utterly hooked. We’re halfway through, and it’s now painful to lose a contestant each week. Check it out on youtube, if you think this might be your thing!
On the other side of things – I’ve been watching ‘Shear Genius’ (Apprentice for hairdressers), which is abysmal – and you can pretty much tell that from the title. Sooo bad. And yet I’m still watching…

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