Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The big printer mystery

Did I mention that I received a new printer in the post (a nice scanner/copier/printer jobbie?) a couple of weeks ago and had no idea where it came from? I mean, it's great and all that, but I was slightly concerned that I may have bought it in a drunken stupor, and the other issue was that I'd just bloody bought a new printer!
And there was no clear indication on the package where it had come from and no details of the company it came through....
finally got round to sending a letter to the Returns Address, and got a call from BT (from a woman who could barely string a sentence together hehe) and apparently it's part of the deal of signing up to BT Broadband.
I mean, it's marvellous, but what's the point of doing a cool deal like that if you dont' actually mention it???! D'oh! NOthing was said over the phone, there was no letter with the printer, there's nothing on the website. What a waste of good Marketing!
Bless 'em.
Now I have the dilemma of how much to charge my neighbour who wants to buy it off me ;-)


kelvingreen said...

My brother ordered a wireless router, one of those £20 jobs, and they ended up sending him an industrial size thing for office use, worth £2000, and only charged him for the smaller one.

He double-checked with them, and they showed no problems on their side, so being an honest sort, he put the big one on eBay and bought himself the £20 one with the proceeds. ;)

Mart said...

I love it when a plan comes together!

Rol said...

They never sent me one of those when I got BT broadband last year!

Mart said...

You can have mine!
(For 30 quid)