Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Can I just officially say for the record - I think Echo is possibly the worst Avenger ever in the history of Avengers. I mean, what can she do? She's hardly Thor. The Avengers should be might powered people. I'm sorry Echo, but it is true.
Marvel should have made Elektra an Avenger instead, and that would have been more shocking when the Skrull revelation happened. I loved that recent Avengers issue focusing on Elektra, and it would have been so interesting.


Rol said...

She has the amazing ability to be not-Daredevil when everyone guesses Ronin's identity as Daredevil, thereby fooling all those dumbass fans!

By the way, I agree with you about Secret Invasion - nothing's hapenning!

Mart said...

She also has the amazing ability to make writers forget she is deaf (which is the whole point of her) - people talk to her behind her back and she always seems to hear them! it's a miracle!

It wouldn't be so bad, but they're still in that damn jungle.
And if I see one more Super Skrull I'll rip up my entire comic collection.

(P.S. Still got my fingers crossed that Storm and Alpha Flight are Skrulls - but not holding my breath)

Rol said...

I think that 'forget she's deaf' power might be down to the artists as well.

It's turning into 'I'm A Superhero, Get Me Out Of Here!'. And I'm very dubious (not to mention a little bored) of the claims of "this will change the Marvel Universe forever"... AGAIN.

I'm with you on Alpha Flight - couldn't really give a monkeys about Storm. ;-)

kelvingreen said...

Whisper it, but Ronin was supposed to be Daredevil, but Joey Q cocked it up. If he'd kept his mouth shut, we wouldn't have to put up with Echo as an Avenger.