Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Brother...

Speaking of reality TV...
So yeah, I've said I always liked Big Brother, and I only missed one episode in the first 4 years or so! But I've got a bit bored of the gimmicks etc which alllways backfire, plus the fact that it goes on for faaaaaaaaaaaar too long. lazy Mo and cocky Rex are endearing for the first few weeks - but after 3 months? Not so much.
Heh, so they just did this stunt that totally backfired... They've been building tonight up soooo much, and so tonight they got each person to nominate in front of everyone, live (which was quite fun), and then ...they just do a Goldenballs rip-off. Is that it??? how embarassing!! Plus...the whole point of Goldenballs is that the contestants don't know each other from Adam, so they can totally screw them over without any worries - but here these guys have known each other for months - so they ain't gonna screw each other over.
Tsk, silly Big Bro.

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