Sunday, August 3, 2008

A good weekend for comics

Well I have vowed to try not to buy any new graphic novels until i've read some of the huge pile sitting next to my bed - but failed this weekend... But you can't blame me - I went to Brighton and stopped by at Dave's Comics and you just have to buy something...
What did i get?
The new Alex Robinson thingy - loved his Box Office Posion, Tricked was a bit weaker. This is a lot slimmer, but a nice little treat for a tenner
Kwaidan - a Japanese type comic which looks gorgeous. Again, only a tenner - that's not bad.
And from the cheapo Dave's comics next door:
That Alien graphic novel adaptation by Walt Simonson and Archie Goodwin - for 2 quid!!! Man, i saw this in a comic shop when I was a nipper and regretted not buying it ever since. I got it!
Plus normal comics:
X-Men 500 - Hmmm. The move to San Francisco gives the title a freshness, but that's about it really. This is a weird issue - it doesn't reinvigorate the team at all - and it just makes them all feel a bit tired. Strange to see Magneto back too - as a cliched villain, sigh. And Land's art is really off in places.
Oh, and finally - holiday reading thoughts...
It's just over a month til my holiday, and I'm narrowing my reading list down... Thinking of getting the new complete Zot re-issue, and taking the Black Dossier with me too.

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