Sunday, August 3, 2008


oh, and one more thing on Dark Knight - Gotham looked incredible. Claustrophobic, intimidating, beautiful buildings - I don't know where it was shot, but give me this over Burton's over-the-top city-scape any time.


Tone said...

Chicago I believe. Some people complained it wasn't distinctively 'Gothamy' enough, but I thought it worked fine. Although all those rooftop shots gave me vertigo.

Mart said...

well when you think Gotham, i tend to think 'dark and sprawling' - and this one wasn't quite that - but it was still a scary beast

Rol said...

Personally, I preferred Burton's designs for this (or Anton Furst's), though the Gotham in TDK was more suited to the film Nolan was making.

"all those rooftop shots gave me vertigo."

In that case Tone, definitely don't watch it in IMAX!