Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heroes ep 4

Just seen Heroes s3, ep 4...
No huge spoilers, don't worry...
Wow, great, back on track after a disappointing 3rd ep (a boring bank heist and Claire and her mom in a low budget showdown).
What the show excels in is it’s ‘wow moments’, and boy we get more than enough in this episode.
Mohinder isn’t so bad in this ep - in fact I don’t mind him at all. Milo does some great stuff as Peter. Great to see Nathan fly again - yay! But it’s a bit jarring that Tracy would just carry on with her business right after what she tries to do (lol it’ll make sense when you see it).
Re Tracy - I can’t wait til we meet the third twin - Barbara. I hope they write this well - it has real potential... but sometimes the Niki/Ali Larter stuff can be a bit confusing - a bit like they are making it up as they go along... Personally, i'd looove the Ali Larter stuff to be all test tube humans, or that all of the personalities are transferable into each body (so Tracy would also be Niki, Gina, Jessica etc), but I don't think they're doing that.
I wanna know how Daphne can run in high heels though. (Also not sure she's recognisable enough yet to change her look so drastically)
And why would the psychic Haitian be able to stop Peter’s physical powers (healing) - and why would (spoiler here so finish reading now lol) Future Peter die from being shot?
(OKay, one more spoiler to follow)
Daphne and Matt? Together? Wtf? Come on!!! No way.

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