Friday, October 31, 2008

Exciting TV times!

I was avoiding the news a bit recently, because the whole recession thing is getting me down...
But now there’s so much showbiz news going on! Has the world of entertainment every been so exciting??? Who will host Countdown??? Ben Fogle is being eaten by a flesh-eating bug... And the whole Brand/Ross thing is so exciting! And now Brand has quiet the BBC! Personally, I think it’s been blown out of proportion, and Brand/Ross were just being stupid, we’re all only human. But c’mon, the girl it’s all about it a ‘Satanic Slut’! How upset can her grand-dad, Andrew Sachs get...?
But it does raise one big issue – Jonathan Ross. I used to love his show but now it’s so tired, boring, unfunny – and pretty much the only jokes are about him wasting the license fee payers’ money. Great, thanks Jonathan. (Similarly, Brucie on Strictly Come Dancing seems to find the credit crunch hilarious each week.)
But the thing is, JR gets huge ratings – but then, what do ratings count for on the BBC? They don’t bring in any advertising money. So will the BBC get rid of one of their most (allegedly) popular stars...?


Tone said...

Countdown and exciting in the same sentence? What are the odds.

Same here, used to like JR's show, but now he just tries to look big and clever by swearing, fawning over guests and flirting embarrasingly like a care home grandad. Maybe they should send Brand and Ross round Ben Fogle's house as punishment.

Mart said...

I didnt' used to mind the flirting - it was qutie funny to see hollywood lady stars get all flustered and embarrassed - but yeah it's got reeeeally boring.