Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm starting to understand Heroes season three a lot more now... I was worried the season was a bit too sprawling, but they're actually reining it in a little by focusing on a different villain each ep - the bank raid guys in 3, black hole guy in 5 and Doyle in 6. so not so bad...

In the meantime, Entertainment Weekly, my fave mag in the world, is giving the show astonishingly bad press with a really cruel cover pretty much putting the semi-final nail in the show's coffin. A tad unfair I think. I mean, picking, for instance, on the over-the-topness of the ep 5 black hole power - well he was only there for one episode so what's the prob? Tim Kring must be pissed off.

Well anyway, I happen to know that the Villains arc really builds to a huge climax with a load of shocks on the way.

I must say though - is this the show that Tim Kring dreamed up? When I first heard the show's pitch it sounded a bit more laidback than it is. Y'know, a bunch of normal people with powers. It sounds fun and lowkey - but it's just become this huge rollercoaster that has to be topped each week. Hard to keep that up.

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JamieB said...

Yeah, I going to post a link to the EW piece to you. I notice that they agree with your point re: fewer heroes, and even cite, as you did, the Company Man episode as proof that a tighter focus can work. The thing I noticed is that Kring doesn't help himself in some of his comments -- I won't go into specifics, because they involve spoilers, but when he comments on what's happening this season in reference to what will happen next season, it reads like he's apologising in advance for events across the rest of this season.