Sunday, March 2, 2008

Two good, but not great, films

Sometimes I go and see a film and either it inspires me completely, or just washes over me. I saw two films this week that had a bit of a different effect. I thought they were average, but they did keep my interest and had some really stand-out moments.
Daywatch - the trailer for this was phenomenal, but I knew it wouldn't live up to it, especially since everyone I knew who saw it said they hated the movie. It's actually, a really good film - sort of. There's something in every minute that is new to look at or different, and you can tell the creators are having fun. I've still got a lingering memory of a woman being attacked at a party of 'dark ones', her lying on the floor, and suddenly people's dancing legs turn into black hooves...Weird and wonderful.
It's very innovative - but sadly, it's kind of a mess. Luckily I had watched Nightwatch again recently, so I wasn't too lost - although having said that, it was only halfway thru the movie that I recognised one of the main characters from the first one (and she was a really big character lol). And when a movie's resolution hinges on a character from the first 10 minutes of the first film - well, you're pretty screwed if your memory isn't good.
Jumper is the other film. It's a highly enjoyable film, but weak on characterisation and motive. I hear they've got sequels in mind, which would probably flesh things out. I can't really imagine a sequel though - as good as the effects were, they can get a bit repetitive. I thought Hayden was okay - he's had a lot of criticism for being wooden - I think Jamie Bell was a just a bit too much, and he kind of made me glad for Hayden's boring-ness lol (and Jamie Bell hasn't really 'blossomed' has he...). Jumper would actually make for a great TV show, I think.

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