Monday, March 3, 2008


Did I spell that right?
Er, anyway. I am absolutely obsessed with manga!!! It's such an awesome artform. I love reading things back to front! I love the fact that you start reading the story not knowing what the hell is going on, but before you know it, you're hooked! The only thing I don't like is that they never give you any indication how long the story is going to go on for - how many books. And the art is just always so amazing!
So having finished Death Note, I have picked up Lone Wolf and Cub, Lady Snowblood, Oldboy and am trying to get into Eden (based on my life). Also am reading Paul Gravett's book on manga.
If anyone has any manga recommendations please let me know.
As some of you know, my project after the next O men issue is a self-contained story, which I am tempted to print in manga form - faster-paced, less panels per page. We'll see.
Also tempted to release small digest collections of O men - although I'm not sure the lettering will be readable.
I'm obsessed!!!


JamieB said...

I can sympathise -- although I'm not reading anything like as much manga as I used to. I take it you don't mean the Nausicaa/Akira/Crying Freeman-era stuff, but the more modern manga? Have you tried Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo, or Murder Princess? 've enjoyed what I've seen of those series. I also quite like some of the fun/cute/romantic stuff like Nana (just *huge* in Japan -- the first live-action film came out on DVD not long after I arrived in Japan, and every bookshop and convenience store was running Nana promotions; you couldn't get away from it), and also Hana-Kimi.

I was mad-keen on an action-sci-fi series called "アライブ" when I was in Japan; it's published in English as "Alive: the final evolution".

Mart said...

oh i mean more manga than anime.
there's an anime channel on sky but i keep forgetting to watch it.

JamieB said...

No, these are all manga series -- the original manga series on which the animes are based (although, that said, I'm not sure what came first with Samurai Champloo...)

kelvingreen said...

If you do do a manga-style project, make sure the quantity is there. I'm bored of US comics that have "manga-style" storytelling (although they don't really) and spend twenty pages on someone opening a door.

I'm a huge fan of FLCL, and I'd second Alive; I ran into the series in some cheap Japanese books I found, and was hooked, even though I couldn't understand the words.