Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lost - Ji Yeon

I think that was what it was called. Season 3, ep 7 anyway.
I enjoyed this one, it was very very moving - and it's nice to see Sun and Jin do something for a change.
One slight problem - and maybe I am utterly thick, but I didn't realise it was a flash-forward/back episode until I read something about it afterwards. The Sun/Jin stuff is so all over the place - is she a nasty ho, is she nice, does she love that bald guy? (no not Locke) - that I really struggle to keep up with him. I thought, when Jin got to the hospital, he'd just gone there as part of his job and he had remarried since leaving the island... And then Hurley turns up and I assumed he's the new hubby ha ha...
So I can't work out if I'm totally stupid or if the writing could have been tightened up a little.
But a good ep, and nice stuff on the freighter - bye bye Zoe Bell, very short, but sweet.
Has Michael really got amnesia? I hope not - yawn.
Has Miles still got that grenade in his mouth?
And so who are the Oceanic 6 - we've got Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun - how do Aaron and Ben fit into it?


Rol said...

Was it definitely a flash-forward / flashback episode? Like you, I thought maybe Jin's death had been faked and he'd remarried - then Louise said she thought it was two separate timelines. If so, a bit messy.

Doubt Michael's got amnesia - the look between him and Sayeed said they both recognised each other.

Ben can't be one of the Oceanic 6 as he wasn't on the plane in the first place. Don't know about Aaron though... strictly speaking, he wasn't on the plane either.

Mart said...

actually now i'm even more confused. maybe you're right - maybe it was all flash-forward. it could have been.
but no, i think we need to take things at face value. i doubt jin is dead though... Maybe stuck on the island.

i hope michael hasn't got amnesia - that would be tedious.

hmm you know, think about it, if aaron came back from the island, i'd probably count him as one of the 6.

Tara said...

It was deffo a mix of flashback and flash forward. Jin's part was a flashback when he was working for Sun's mean daddy. The Sun part was the flash forward to when the 6 got back from the island. So the writer's were playing fast and loose with their new format, which was actually kind of cheating and confusing. I think the writing was not very tight, as they tried to trick audiences into believing that it was all the same timeline. I thought it was kinda weak and beneath them, G HATED IT - lol.

The 6 officially are: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Aaron (which I say if you're not on the manifest - you can't be one of the 6!) Boo Carlton and Damon!

Mart said...

tsk. deffo sloppy writing then - could so easily have been tighter and made for a classic ep.

long-time fans were gonna be looking out for all the details - eg I just assumed Jin was back working for Sun's dad.

i did like the ep though, and it was a good idea for a twist (even though no one noticed it)

noooo! Aaron was not an Oceanic flight member!!!

Rol said...

I agree, Aaron can't be one of the Oceanic 6 - he could be one of the Lost Island 6, but that's not what they're calling 'em.

Mart said...

and where does Ben fit into all this...

i guess the Others can get to reality pretty easily - which kinda spoils the illusion of it all...

i wonder if they're still making it up as they go along ha ha