Monday, May 24, 2010

A week of ups and downs!

Wow what a weird week!
Finally, after a lot of hard work, I finished Spandex 2. The plan was to get it ready for Bristol and it really was tight (bearing in mind I had to pretty much finish it over a week before the con, so I could get a proof copy of the issue, and then get the printed copies).
But hurrah, I did it! The issue looks good I think. I only printed up 200 copies in case there was a disaster, and I have spotted a few tiny slips – nothing major – but I will correct those for the second printing.
So I made my merry way to the Bristol con – and…what a damp squib!! I used to go to Bristol back in the O Men days and it was great fun! So busy! But over the years, I started to sell less and less copies as the number of my issues increased, which is fair enough I guess. I’d heard that things had changed a lot, but didn’t realize how much! It’s all split up now – pro’s, dealers and signings are in the hot and sweaty Ramada hotel and the small press guys are round the corner hidden away on the 5th floor or the Mercure Hotel…
Our table was down a dead-end avenue, right in the far-back corner of the very back room lol! So on Saturday, maybe 30 people passed by our stall in total?? I’m used to a steady stream of 100s!! I mentioned my disappointment to the organizers, and they moved us further up the room on the Sunday, and it was maybe a bit busier, but really, they could have fit 10 times more people in. Apparently the event was sold out. Really? How many tickets did they sell? Ten?
But Bristol isn’t just about selling comics, it’s about the people too, and I had a right laugh! Was sitting next to ‘Samuel L Jackson’ all day on Saturday- what a geezer. And the bar on Saturday night was a riot.
But I was gutted that I almost broke my back carrying all my comics there, and almost broke my back and two legs carrying everything back with me again (along with all the comics I’d bought).
Anyway, I’m no moaner – I’ve given the organizers my feedback.
So I felt very ‘down’ after Bristol – only to find out today that I’ve been nominated for an Eagle Award! I cannot believe it! I didn't’ even get all my friends and family to vote for me!! I really don’t know how it happened. I’m in ‘Best British Colour Comic Book’ up against 2000AD, the DFC and Beano!!! Jeeeeez! How exciting! I’m not expecting to win, but it’s cool all the same, and I will try to rally some troops to vote for me!!!
Voting link is here if you fancy casting a li’l vote for moi!!


JamieB said...

Double congrats on finishing #2 and being nominated for an Eagle!

Tone said...

Know what you mean Mart, I gave up on Bristol when it downsized. These days it 'sells out' well in advance as they limit it to a few hundred tickets for some reason. It's a shame as it used to be the best con around. You should come do BICS instead :)

Congrats again on Spandex 2 and the Eagle nomination.

Mart said...

Thanks guys!

I've emailed the Bristol organisers to mention my disappointment. Honestly, maybe 30 people actually passed by my stand on Saturday. You normally get hundreds!
I'll definitely be at Thought Bubble to launch Spandex 3, but I might be doing Titan portfolio sessions at BICS.