Monday, May 3, 2010

Iron Man 2...

Caught Iron Man 2 on Saturday (sounds like a disease...?)
Well it's entertaining enough, but worryingly flawed...
There didn't seem to be a story. I think they went for a sprawling epic tone a la Dark Knight, but failed miserably, because Whiplash isn't interesting enough, and my god... Justin Hammer... Sam Rockwell you are so annoying!!! Shut up!!!!!
There didn't seem to be much of a script, just a bunch of chuntering and mumbling... Didn't really like Don Cheadle as War Machine - he's not handsome enough - I preferred the other guy.
One of the things I really enjoyed though, was Scarlet J as Black Widow. I'm a sucker for chicks who fight, especially if they've got red hair (and especially if they have cool curly red hair!). She didn't do much, but I liked what she did - although I'm surprised Scarlet went for sch a cheese-cake type of role. Oh well, she fit her leather suit nicely. I don't really get the flak that Scarlet seems to get - no one seems to like her! I like her style - she's laidback. Take a chill pill guys, hehe.
Another highlight were the Extras - man, they over-acted their hearts out! Check them out if you haven't seen the movie yet - especially in the Whiplash v car racing scene.

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