Thursday, May 6, 2010


Helloooo helllp. Lol, I'm going slightly loopy. I've been working on Spandex 2 since before November... I'm on the home stretch now... But still bits to do. I'm hoping to launch it at the Bristol Expo (22 May) which means I need to get it finished a week before, so I can get a proof copy and get it printed. I think it's do-able. Man, is this normal though?? Past few weeks, I work all day at Titan, then come home and work from 7 til 12 on Spandex (also work at lunchtimes on it when I can). It is driving me slightly insane. Put it this way, I spent a year working on issue 1 and spent a MONTH when I finished it, just looking over and sorting out corrections! I haven't got a month to sort out corrections lol...
And I took the day off work today to work on it, got up at 7am - computer dies! Every time I bump it, it's been crashing (no I'm not hitting it, i just mean knock it slightly - but this time it wouldn't come on again. Went to PC World straight away, where the guy i need to talk to isn't there til 1pm - but miraculously my computer comes on lol! Luckily it's worked all day yippeee!
I gotta say though, this issue should be a doozy. There's a lot more depth to the art, I think, it's all a lot more fun. I think the one good thing about working on an issue for so long, is that the whole thing just develops and develops. The final version is leagues ahead of the original script. Every page has a million things going on. Even the ending - it originally ended at a certain point, but over time, I've taken it further and further, and I think it's really effective.
Can't wait for everyone to read it.

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