Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gavin and Stacy

I'm in love! In love!!! (Twirls around)
No, not in love properly - but I'm in love with a TV show. In fact I devoured 2 series of it in a week.
Gavin and Stacy! I'd heard all the fuss but I loathe most BBC sitcoms (except for the classic ones) so I'd avoided it. Plus James Cordon irritated me a bit on Big Brother's Big Mouth.
But so many people can't be wrong, so I snapped a DVD up in a good old FOPP sale...
It's amazing. So simple and straight-forward, but the characters are laugh-out loud funny, especially Rob Brydon's partly gay Bryn and my Oscar goes to Ruth Jones as Stacy's friend. What a character - sheer genius. Everything she says and does is just so funny. Only slight prob is that the main couple are slightly dull, but they make up for it in sweetness


JamieB said...

Talk about "behind the times" :) Bryn and Smitty are genius -- seen the whole gym scene yet? Painfully funny stuff!

Mart said...

Yeah hehe. I've seen it all now.
Of course, I bought the 2nd DVD and didn't realise that it actually starts on TV on Friday, d'oh. Ah well, I can watch all the extras.