Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why oh why

oh why oh why doesn't Zatanna have her own comic series? she is fantastic! i want to see this before i die of old age.
and why oh why is my O Men 2.5 cover not 'uploading' properly on the left.
And finally, I'm re-reading 'Girls' and enjoying it much, much more this time round - always best to read these things in one go rather than have to wait month after month, I guess.


JamieB said...

I thought that ever since Morrison did the Seven Soldiers version of Zatanna. So, yeah, I'm up for it. Her big problem -- which Morrison dealt with neatly in the limited series -- is, theoretically there's no limit to what she can do with that backwards magic of hers, so you'd have to keep coming up with excuses why she doesn't just wish the bad guy directly to prison.

Andrew James said...

Who'd you have write / illustrate this dream series, Marts?

Seven Soldiers was the first time I'd been interested in her as a character, and this was for three main reasons:
1) Morrison
2) The awesomeness of Ryan Sook (why isn't he doing interiors anymore?)
3) No. Top. Hat.

She strikes me as the perfect fit for a Gaiman-esque ongoing, rather than a blue-costume-with-a-jewel superhero extravaganza - lots of 'magic in the mundane' stuff, where the challenge comes from unpicking Lovecraftian riddles rather than catching bank robbers...

I thought the Whedonesque puncturings of all the over-the-top cosmic magic stuff in Morrison's dialogue were also the saving grace of that mini. You need a sarcastic sidekick and a slightly wry approach from Zatanna to make her work...

Anyway, as for your problems with the image, are you using a tiny / enormous pic and ticking the Blogger box marked 'automatically resize'? It looks like Blogger is trying to make a small picture bigger than it is, thus messing it up. Give a shout tomorrow or whenever and I'll help you get it sorted.

Mart said...

2.5 image problem is sorted thanks to Monsieur James - thanks Andrew!

Yep, being too powerful is a problem, but they can get round it. Morpheus was always very powerful in Sandman, wasn't he.

I've always had a soft spot for Zatanna. Maybe it's her daft powers, maybe it's her sexy but daft look - maybe it's me really feeling sorry for her after all the shit she went thru in Alan Moore's Swamp Thing (please tell me you read that, Andrew).

There's so much scope for a Vertigo series - yeah, Vertigo! Sort yourselves out and do something interesting!! Seeing her in a recent Countdown (zzz) really got me excited about her again - her cool ancestral home etc, and she would have such a cool supporting cast - Constantine, that Books of Magic kid, etc.

I'm surprised the Seven Soldiers series grabbed you so much, Andrew. I felt it was less about her (let's face it, she was right in the middle of all that lobotomising-villains stuff) and more about the Seven Soldiers chaos. Still good though, and stunning art.

Artists I'd like to see... well, me, obviously.
Jill Thompson maybe - altho i hate her new style. Peter Snejberg? Glyn Dillon (fantastic artist who drew a few Shades and Egypt and now seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth).
Neil Gaiman would be amazing.