Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A spoiler offence

Last week, after the Heroes episode, the Beeb showed a preview trailer for the next episode - which showed a complete spoiler. It's a spoiler which, when I saw it the first time round, really really shocked me, and it's what hooked me on the show. It's basically about who Peter meets on the subway train. When I first saw it, I was like 'wow, this is so cool, who could it be, who could it be....oh my god!!!'
So well done BBC2 for ruining it for other fans. And they just repeated the trailer before the actual episode tonight >:-(
What is it about Heroes and spoilers though. When I watched the NBC episodes, each ad break seemed to have a preview of a big upcoming spoiler. i was able to work out the identity of a character's father from a preview thing and I knew who played Linderman from another too.
Anyway, on another note, how exactly do Clare's healing powers work? Like, she just survived death and the autopsy lady pulled a huge branch out of her head - so what if parts of her brain were on that branch?? would she get brain damage? And she had her chest opened up - would it just all go back together? hmmm.


JamieB said...

You spend far too much time thinking about this stuff! :) But, then, I suppose it's your job... :)

From what I read in blogs, US television has an awful record when it comes to trailers and spoilers, with cliffhanger ending after cliffhanger ending blown sky-high by previews that follow straight after.

JamieB said...

...and if you cut Clare in half, would both halves regenerate?

Questions like that must keep Heroes fans awake at night :)

Mart said...

i guess it's all just artistic license and you have to go with it.

and another thing - why is nathan petrelli so concerned about peter showing him up (asking him to leave the city - very subtle), and then he goes and has an extra-marital shag...

JamieB said...

Oh, come on, if you had Nathan floppy-hair Petrelli for a brother, wouldn't you want him as far away from you as possible at all times? :)

What a weird and wonderful world modern, multichannel television is: there are people who will have seen this series when it aired in the States, there are people who will be watching episodes for the first time on BBC3, and still others who will be watching those same episodes for the first time on BBC2 a week later. No wonder, it's hard to keep track of what is a spoiler and what is old news.

Mart said...

that hair has gotta go.

and don't forget people who wait for the DVD release (especially when Sky inevitably buy it)

Andrew James said...

Since Clare's power is just reformatting Wolverine's healing ability onto a perky pubescent, doesn't it fall under the same "Shhh, who cares, it just does" realm of superhero pseudo science?

Especially since Jeph Loeb is involved. Logical explanations beware!

kelvingreen said...

Er, what was the spoiler exactly? We saw the guy Peter meets before the end of the last episode, so it's not much of a spoiler really.

I'd guess Clare has to be conscious to heal, and the brain injury knocked her out.

I like Heroes a lot, but some of the writing is so scattered, it's frustrating. Like what you say about Nathan not wanting to be anywhere near his brother, but going off with some random woman. Or my favourite: the split personality one driving for days across the desert to see her mother-in-law and tell her to stay away from her. Er, yeah. Or pretty much everything that happens to the Grunberg character, where characters act in utterly stupid ways in order to move him through his plot.

Still, it's better than Lost.

JamieB said...

Mart: good point about the DVDs; I had to wait for BSG season 2 to come out on DVD before I could watch it, as I was in Japan last year -- ditto Surface (I know, I know -- no-one watched it, so no-one cares :))

Andrew: you're right, of course, but I hope the writers -- Jeph Loeb included -- do at least have some rules worked out for how the powers do and don't work that makes sense in the context of the world that they've created. Otherwise, they might as well just say, "It's magic!" and be done with it.

Kelvin: well, Clare seemed fairly definately dead on that mortuary slab, and it seemed like we were supposed to think that she couldn't come back to life until the thing keeping her dead -- the stick in her head -- had been removed.

I agree about the plotting; the writers are either hoping we will just let slide all the outrageous coincidences that cause the characters to cross paths from time to time, or else they're trying to tell us that everything is pre-determined.

Maybe they should rename the show "Halos" :)

kelvingreen said...

It's less the coincidences, which I kind of like, but stuff like the FBI lady randomly deciding that the copper is a prime suspect in a case he has no connection to, so she arrests him, so he can accidentally meet Sylar. That sort of rubbish.