Sunday, April 22, 2012


Blimey I haven’t written anything on here for a while! I will do a quick update! I don’t think I’ve mentioned the big news on this blog – that Spandex is going to be published! Titan Books are putting out a really nice and glossy US-size hardback of the first three issues on May 25th (but launching at Kapow on 19/20 May). I received an advance copy a few weeks ago and it is so lovely!!! It’s on Amazon (where it's nice and cheap!). I’ll be doing a signing at Forbidden Planet on Thursday 24 May! It’s kind of fun to have someone else do the work for me, and it has had coverage so far in The Guardian (a full page!), The List (Scottish mag), the Croydon Guardian.

Spandex 6 went down really well with the critics, and the ‘twist ending’ I was really worried about has been successful! No one seems to have been offended by it so far, which is good!

I’ve been working on Spandex 7, which is the final part of the O.M.F.G. storyline and also the penultimate issue of the series. It should be a good issue – it’s quite long, around 32 pages overall, I think. I won’t say too much, but it has three ‘acts’ to it, and I think the third act will be something quite fun and a bit of a treat for people who like the Spandex universe. I will also hopefully be releasing ‘Spandex Black & White’, a mini–artbook where all sorts of people draw pics of the characters. I’m a little bit tentative about doing it, as the issue 6 mini-comics almost killed me (so much work to physically make!), but I’m sure I’ll do it. It’ll all be online too.

I’ve also been working on new O Men books! The plan is to release the entire series across five bulky books. Books 1 to 4 will contain all the old material and Book 5 will finish the series with all-new material! I’ve been working on Book 1 and it’s taken ages – in fact, Spandex 7 has suffered a bit because of it, sadly! I've scanned all the art for the first book, phew. I’m not changing any of the art (as much as I’d like to in places), but I do have to tidy bits and pieces up (black/white marks/spots). I have a Facebook page for The O Men and am also setting up Hopefully the first book will be out at Kapow. It contains Issues 0 – 7, and it’s almost 200 pages with a new cover!

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