Sunday, April 22, 2012


I have got an Ipad! Yes, to try to cut down on the space taken up by all the comics and books I’ve got, I was thinking about getting a Kindle, and then thought well why not get an ipad! Plus a friends showed me his ipad, and I was very impressed by it (particularly by the ‘App’ that lets you watch live TV, any channel).
The plan was to get it from the Apple store (there’s always something special about buying an ipod from there) but I happened to pop into HMV to look at their cases (always cheaper than the Apple store for that kind of thing!) and spotted that they were selling the previous ipad 2 model (I thought they’d all been phased out except for the 16GB). So I got a 64GB ipad 2 from HMV – it was around £479, which is cheaper than the 64GB new ipad (I think that’s around £560). And I think the best thing is that I got 50,000 points on a HMV loyalty card! I can get a 12-month subscription to Empire mag with that, apparently!!
Anyway, it’s so-far-so-good! The battery seems to last quite a while (I hate the battery on my iphone!) and it’s a generally convenient and fun thing to have. I bought a few comics from FP last week and I was able to download the digital version with a code – and the comics look stunning on the ipad! So I think I will be doing a lot of reading on it. The only annoying thing is that digital comics/books are surprisingly not that much cheaper than the print versions – they really need to sort that out, I think.

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