Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stuff that's going on

There's so much going on at the moment, that I just wanted to get it all down on the Blog, and out of my head!
Spandex 3 is finally out, and seems to be going down well.
I launched it at the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds and it was such a great day. How can everyone be so nice? I can't believe how lovely everyone I spoke to was, and I'm still buzzing. I sold a few copies, got a few laughs for my 'attack of the 50 foot lesbian' standee, bought some truly imaginative comics, meeting some of the contributors to Japandex and generally had a whale of a time. Every con is a learning curve, and it's funny when different things happen - such as just deciding to put my Spandex badges out (I wasn't even going to bother) and selling loads of them! (I didn't even have a price for them, I just made it up on the spot). I can't wait to make more for next year!
Apologies to anyone if i seemed a bit 'away with the pixies' - I do find cons a bit overwhelming and I try my best to remain calm but it doesn't always work lol. I was also mega tired and it was a very long day - up at 6 to get to Leeds, and I have no idea how my table buddy managed to do the same things as I did, but with the addition of driving to and from Leeds.
I also did an interview with Alex Fitch at Panel Borders - what a nice guy, and very professional - and how sweet, he'd brought along a copy of the Metro Spandex article! Unfortunately, when he was interviewing me, I could barely speak lol, and I kept seeing mates out of the corner of my eye which distracted me from the questions oops!
This week will be a busy one as I need to get Spandex 3 and my 'Spandex Packs' (issues 1 to 3) into the comic shops, and I'm also working on my Spandex publishing pitch. I also want to make a start on creating new O Men collections (proper books!) and starting Spandex 4 (it's all written, just needs to get out there).
And somehow i need to also cram in work, a date, Japanese homework and getting my boiler fixed (which I only had installed a couple of months ago...)
It's all go!!

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JamieB said...

Looking forward to #3

Happy bagging, lagging and sh- shaping that publishing proposal :-)