Monday, November 22, 2010

Liberty by T'Sao Wei

One of the many (many!) amazing, friendly and inspirational people I met at Thought Bubble was T'Sao Wei, an artist who has a new comic out called Neon Loneliness and has created a couple of other comics too - you can check out his wares here:
We had a nice chat, and it turns out he is an old reader of O Men!
I was inspired by Neon Loneliness to do a doodle for him and he also did a Liberty pic for me! I like his style a lot - it reminds me of a cross between Tomer Hanuka and Lenil Francis Yu. His art has something 'peaceful' and calming about it, and I really recommend his work. I'm glad he did a pic for me, as I was going to ask him to anyway - I was intrigued to see what he would do with my characters!
Anyway, I have posted the picture here!

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