Monday, October 5, 2009

The X-Factooorrrr

Just had to get X-Factor opinions out of my system re the 'Final 12' plus those who didn't get through...

Simon's group - over 25s

My gosh what a tough category - they could all have got through.
Olly - so relieved he got thru, as it could have gone either way. I reckon he'll win!
Danyl - oh goddd. started off so well, but now he's just too much. already thinks he's a superstar. simon would have been well within his rights to reject him.
Jamie - glad he got thru - good luck to him.
Trey C - amazing audition, but she doesn't have the x-factor, personality-wise.
Nicole - i couldn't even remember her name - had to look it up!!! she had a good voice, despite being a bit too gospel, a bit too shouty. I don't mind her, and it's weird for Simon not to have a female in his group, but the competition was just too strong.
Daniel - well he's good, not particularly likeable, not a particularly strong personality, and, well, he's had his shot with One True Voice. we're gonna start going round in circles if we keep allowing old contestants into this.

Louis' - groups

Kandy Rain - well they won't last long, but good luck.
Miss Frank - should do okay, although they need to stop shout-singing
John and Edward - hehe I actually quite like them! they're just silly. Good luck!
Harmony Hood - hmm, nah. Didn't even know what two of the group looked like until I actually focused on them last night.
Project A - Thank god they didn't get through - I don't think I heard them sing a single correct note, plus the brown haired one looked like bitchy Saffia from this year's Big Bro.
De-Tour - hmm look good, but not amazing at all.

Danni's - girls

Lucie - thank goodness she got thru. Amazing voice and pretty girl. Exactly what this show is all about.
Rachel - I don't think she'll get very far. I don't really understand her personality.
Stacy - awww so sweet! Good luck!
Black haired girl - well she had potential...but not that bothered...
Black girl - who...?
Despina (?) - Not amazing... Actually this is one thing about the X-Factor - it's pretty obvious who isn't gonna get thru because you don't get to know anything about certain people!

Cheryl's - boys
Oh godddd
Ricky - noooooo!!! Too needy, too desperate, too annoying. Go away!
Lloyd - nooooo!!! You can't sing!!! And Cheryl does the big speech about not being able to cope with fame when she was 19...leading to the logical conclusion that she's gonna let a 16 year old thru???
joe - yaaay - should do well
Ethan - should have gone thru! Good looking, good voice.
Duane - should have gone thru!! Good looking, good voice.
Daniel - just didn't register, barely shown on the auditions... Glad he didn't get thru.

And my predictions...
Out first...
Kandy Rain
Miss Frank
John and Edward
Winner! Olly

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