Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spandex is OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guess what - Spandex 1 is now available!!!!!
Yes, not a dream, not a hoax, after just-under-a-year of work, issue one is all done, and you can get it from select shops in London soon, or direct from me (cheque or Paypal - just email me for details -
40 pages, full colour, free posters, free stickers and cards, postage included - all for just £2.50 (or mates' rates of a quid hehe).
I've also put together a PDF so if you fancy that instead, it's £1.
Now if only I could figure out how to add Paypal buttons to things...
Copies are on their way to people I owe them to, so don't worry.
In other news - there's a Spandex Facebook page, if you want to hook up on there - just search for Spandex Comic. There's a Spandex website at, and also, the Spandex team will be 'Twittering', just look for SpandexComic. Liberty's watching Strictly Come Dancing at the moment hehe
I started my invasion of bars, giving out fliers and stickers last night - it was fun!
And in other news, it's become painfully apparent that the final Spandex book won't be done for about a year, at least...So prepare yourselves for 'Spandex Shorts' in the meantime... More news on this project soon!
The Spandex journey is just beginning - I've got a lot of plans!


kelvingreen said...

Have you thought about giving a few copies to Dave's Comics to sell? They sell a few self-published comics, and they tend to give pride of place to local works, and Spandex is sort of local!

JamieB said...

Got mine already -- ta muchly. Lives up to the promise of the previews -- very sparkly! :) A real fun read. Fave bit? "What exactly do you do with a 50-foot lesbian?" A question I'm sure we've all asked ourselves at one point or other in our lives...

Good luck with the promo push!


Mart said...

hi Kelvin - Dave's is on my list!
Thanks Jamie!

Rich B. said...

I have to order a copy! Can't wait to read it.