Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have a new website!!
Kind of...
My previous website, The O Men one ( was handled by my friend Dave, he did it all for free, bless him. But I wanted to make a new one for Spandex, and this time round, I felt it was unfair that someone else do all the work so i investigated making my own site.
I felt this kind of blogging site here was a bit limited, so I put it over on Wordpress, and it's been quite hard getting my head round it all, but i think i'm getting there. I bought a 'domain name' to make it sound more attractive - so everything just gets re-routed there now.
Anyway, it's at
I'm still 'building' it, and figuring out what to put on it, but at least I've made a start. I'll probably put a 'Store' on it - Spandex T-shirts would be so cool! If anyone has any suggestions, please drop me a line!

In other internet news, I'm putting all of O Men online here:
The idea is to set up a group on Facebook and announce it more when I've got a lot more pages on there. I''ve been trying to put a page up a day but I do keep forgetting hehe. So this isn't really officially 'live' yet, but it's there...

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