Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cast pic

I thought I'd show you some rough versions of my latest Spandex cast drawing, to show some little secrets of how I work.
First up, this cast shot is going to appear on the inside back page of Spandex 1, and it's the final thing I've done for it. Originally I was going to put an advert there, but I decided to go with this instead.
This type of pic is something I've toyed with for a while. It's kind of influenced by the cover to Love and Rockets 50, and when I first did it, it was only the main 7 Spandex people, so they were much bigger. i decided to add everyone into this version.
I started this on Tuesday, I think, then tinkered away, colouring when I had chance during the week and finally spent pretty much all of yesterday, Saturday, finishing it - a lot of work.
As you can see if you compare the original drawing here and the final version, pretty much every character changed! Can you spot the differences?
- Originally Prowler had his tongue stuck out and Neon was winking, but I thought that was a bit too much, so i made Neon look normal and gave Prowler the wink. I completely redrew Prowler's face.
- I thought Liberty looked really boring so I redrew her head.
- I was really happy with Indigo's expression. I wanted to add a cigarette but thought that would take away from the way she looked.
- Mr Muscles wasn't working for me, so I just copied and pasted Butch's head (they are twins) and made it more male.
- For the central image, I thought Diva looked very bland, so I totally redrew her, to sex her up.
- Chunk wasn't working for me. I tried stretching her down in Photoshop but in the end I redrew her.
- Ms Fantastic's face was redrawn.
- I liked Pussy's hair and look but the face looked too freaky with the ears on top of her head. I redrew the head and I don't think I'll ever draw her with her hair drawn back again!
- Seagull Man isn't even in this picture because I couldn't remember what he looked like!
- I really liked the casual way 50 Foot Queenie was just there in the background, slightly obscured, but it didn't make sense to me why James Bend was so high up. So I lowered him down and added more of Queenie's face - very hard to draw on Photoshop (and I don't have a Wacom tablet).
- Even when I was all finished and I put this on Facebook and on here, I tinkered further and added some more Pink Ninjas and I redrew Queenie's eyes.
All in all I think I spent about 11 hours on finishing this yesterday lol. A lot of time, but I really do love it.

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