Sunday, April 5, 2009


Just thought I'd drop in for an update.
Man, this is a lot of work!!! I am really making an effort with Spandex 1... I never normally redraw panels, but i'm doing a lot of redrawing... Just want to get it right. Plus there are the times when a document goes corrupt/damaged for some reason, and I have to try to salvage it.
Like this weekend - see panel 3? This has been my work for this weekend - drawing that at a large size and then dropping it into here. I also redrew the giant lady in panel 2, as I wasn't keen on the original. And still, I need to add more details - backgrounds, clouds, other stuff...
I'd say I'm maybe halfway there with it - maybe a little bit more...
Am also applying for lottery funding - my first application was turned down because I didn't fill out the forms correctly lol. I spoke to a lady there however, and it seems promising. We'll see.
So yes, really working hard, but I hope it'll be all worth it...And I hope no one else comes up with this idea before I get this printed!!!


JamieB said...

Gorgeous! Not sure who's saying what here, but the art is gorgeous! Looking forward to the finished article.

Mart said...

Thank you Jamie!!!
It's a relief to know that it's not shit. I am so close to it, that it's hard to tell.
Still so much to do, even on this page. Need to add more detail to Panel Two, to the girl's face, add some clouds, some buildings, lots of detail on the t-shirt.
Urrgghhh hehe