Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spandex - Meet Indigo!

Well this is the first feature in my 'Meet the Spandex characters' notes!
This is Indigo. She's French. She's named after the Indigo Girls. She can teleport. She's quite fun in a sexy Aurora-from-Alpha Flight way. She's the sister of Random who appeared in O Men 2.1 (although I doubt I'll ever refer to that in Spandex. Spandex and O Men exist in the same universe, but there are few crossovers. Although I have actually considered doing an O Men v Spandex crossover!).
I don't want to say too much about the characters, as it will spoil the fun... But let's just say, she has a really innovative use of her teleportation skills...


Rol said...

"She's quite fun in a sexy Aurora-from-Alpha Flight way."

Do you mean she's mental?

Mart said...

Ha ha actually no! Quite a few of my O Men characters are a bit mental, but the Spandex lot are relatively sane and fairly lovely.

Rich B. said...

Love her. She sounds really cool. I like her powers and love that you're connecting this to O Men.
I like how you plan to intro your characters for Spandex on the blog here too. :)

Mart said...

Thanks dude!
There's a unique twist to her powers too - all will be revealed!
You've inspired me to intro another character...!