Friday, February 13, 2009

One for the Torchwood/Who fans

When I'm not drawing, I have a 9-5 (30) job in magazines, as some of you may know!
I thought I'd mention some stuff I've been doing recently, because I'm quite proud of it!!!
First up, just gone up today is an exclusive Torchwood web-comic on the Watch TV website (Torchwood series two is on there on Saturdays - well there's nowt else on on Saturday nights these days, is there!). This was an epic editing tour de force, where we had like 3 weeks to do it all! Sounds like a long time, but don't say that to my poor excellent artist Adrian Salmon. I think he actually had maybe just over a week to actually do it all, after we'd sorted out various things-to-sort-out. That's 40 panels to pencil, ink and beautifully colour. That's quite a task.
I think it's really neat, and looks absolutely beautiful. Anyway it's here, check it out:
It's written by a Torchwood script editor Brian Minchin, drawn by the aforementioned Adrian, and lettered by John Workman who you may recognise as a letterer who works a lot with Walt Simonson - and he did Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol run too. I actually met up with John W on the next project I'm gonna mention...
You may have seen it in the papers, but in the next issue of Torchwood Magazine you'll find an exclusive strip - story by Mr John Barrowman, scripted by his lovely sis Carole, with art from Tommy Lee Edwards and Trevor Goring, all topped off by letterer John Workman!
I've edited tons and tons of magazines, but this is only my 3rd venture into professional comic-editing, and boy I gotta say this is damn good!!! The art is just breath-taking, it's a neat little story and, well, check it out for yerselves - it's on sale on Thursday 19th February.
This comic strip was another acheivement, because again it was really tight. But it was nice to work with everyone - Carole is a sweetie, Tommy's just so professional, John's been great, and in amongst the madness of deadline pressure, John Workman was always there to share his anecdotal insight into the comic book industry. Such a good bloke, we've set up quite a little e-chat, and I want to use him as much as I can in my future comix.
Oh and a final pointer, I've been sending advance copies out to all the team - and was delighted to send a copy to Carole and John's parents in Florda. Aw.


JamieB said...

You sound genuinely pleased with how this has gone. Do you fancy moving into comic-book editing fulltime?

Mart said...

I am pleased. It was hard work... But I think it was probably ten times harder for the artists.

kelvingreen said...

I really like the style of that art at the top!

Mart said...

it's lovely - it's from the web-strip - check it out at the link on the post.
it was so nice to see the art come in from adrian salmon - it was all the same size for the web-page, so it was like receiving 40 exquisite little christmas cards.