Monday, December 15, 2008


Why did no one tell me how good Ladyhawke are (is)???
I’ve been trying to cut down on music-buying - following a couple of recent months where I found out I’d spent more money on music than I did on essentials from Sainsburys… And I don’t like downloading illegally…
I was doing really well this month - just got the new Killers album - which is really good, so much better than their last proper effort, Sam’s Town.
It all went horribly wrong this weekend though - all thanks to Marsha on XFM lol! So yes, I got myself the aforementioned Ladyhawke (check them out if you haven’t heard of her/them - kind of a pop-rock Ting Tings), and I got Lykke Li (nice and quirky) and the new Cat Powers EP (altho she turns Who Knows Where the Time Goes - one of my fave songs - into a tuneless dirge).
And then it went even more wrong when I bought the new Beyonce album. I can’t stand R and B or those female warblers who do their scales in the middle of their songs, but she was so amazing on X-Factor, I think I finally ‘got’ her. And the album isn’t so bad - she says it was influenced by Coldplay, so it could be worse…
So anyway, no more album-buying til 2009...hopefully…
On a music-related note - I think my beautiful gorgeous video ipod is dying. It lasts for about a day of commuting and that’s it before the battery gets low. Ah well, I guess it’s almost 2 years old. I guess I’ll have to get a classic ipod. I quite fancy the ipod touch but it only holds 8000 songs or so - nowhere near as much as the 20000 that my beautiful gorgeous video ipod holds!

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