Saturday, December 6, 2008

Comic Event of the Year

...Or at least that's what Wizard Magazine calls it. Yes, the final part of Secret Invasion came out this week, and boy is it bad.
As much as I love Bendis and Yu, this series comes across quite limp sometimes, and this last part really has its shoddy moments - parts which seem like they belong more in a really bad small press comic than in a major event comic. It's so cack-handed.
One really really good moment is when the Skrull Queen (who looks like Spider Woman) approaches the good guys - her jaw broken - the art is amazing... And then she gets her head blown off by a small shaft of pink laser.
Now I've got two problems with this - first, there's the pink laser, then there's the fact that it's quite a small panel for a big moment - and finally, the shooter is Norman Osborne. Sigh, now then, what's all this about. Another completely evil bad guy somehow putting the blinkers on everyone in the world? And didn't Bendis expose him as the Green Goblin back in Pulse??
Other problems with this issue - the 'death' of Wasp - what happened there then? And as lovely as janet is, does anyone care enough that she's died, or care enough to want her to come back? And we've been robbed of a poignant moment too, when Hank is told that janet is dead - their relationship is so up and down, and i'm sure it's 'down' at the momenet anyway, so why should he care? in his editorial, joe quesada says 'how will hank pym deal with the loss of his beloved ex-wife'. i'm sure he'll cope fine...
Other probs this issue - wasn't Hawkeye girl almost dead last issue? And now she's fine apart from broken glasses? The return of Mockingbird - as much as I love Bobbi - who cares??? And she died in West Coast Avengers - there was no Skrull body or whatever - what a copout. If she's coming back to the Marvel U, I hope they're gonna cool her up - make her a good match for Ronin. And the dribble of Skrull imposter survivors who came out of that ship - is that it? And did you notice Sue Storm's incredibly fat arse at one point?
And finally, the new line-up of villains in the end - Emma Frost evil again? Sigh, this happened already in Astonishing X-Men, make yer minds up. Oh well, at least the new female Loki has cool evil boobs.
(Oh and Dark Reign sounds interesting - I hope Elektra is in the line-up)


Rol said...

Not read the final part yet (apart from online excerpts) but I'll probably agree with much of what you say, though I like the Dark Reign idea. I have doubts whether Emma (or indeed Namor) are evil, so much as playing the odds and working with whoever will get their agenda through. Oh, and I'm glad they brought Mockingbird back.

Osborne's playing the media regards his Green Goblin outing - say it was all a set-up. Again, I kind of like the rise of Gobby. And as to putting the blinkers on the world - like that never happens in the real world???

One question, based on the preview art I've seen. When the ship opens up and the REAL Spiderwoman, Mbird, Sue Richards, Elektra (boy, Skrulls really like kidnapping women, don't they) etc. come out... who's the Iron Man in that picture?

Mart said...

I'm sort of glad they brought Mockingbird back, but they do need to update her somehow - bring her into the new century. She's very 80s/90s.

Iron Man just found the ship in space and flew it back home, that's why he's there.

Rol said...

Oh. Thanks. ;-)

kelvingreen said...

I'd guess that Quesada's hinting at yet another "Hank goes mental" storyline. Yawn.

Mart said...

I love the way they bring up the whole Hank-used-to-abuse-Janest storyline, whenever it's convenient for them. It was 60 years ago!