Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Comics Bulletin - 2012 panels & Spandex 7 reaction!

I only just spotted this! A '2012 review in Panels' on the Comics Bulletin site - and they included a Spandex panel, which is cool!

I also just spotted on there a review of Spandex 7! I've been badgering the reviewer Kelvin to let me know when the review went up - and didn't realise it was already there, a bit buried away! It's here (down a bit):

I've known the reviewer for a long time now! He's reviewed my O Men comics pretty much from the start, and I can pretty much always guaranteed getting a fairly positive review from him when I send him comic.
The review confused me a bit, as the majority of it seems fairly negative, but the issue still gets a 4 out of 5!
I can see where Kelvin is coming from in some ways, and I was very aware that issue 7 would not go in a direction that people were expecting. Instead of going down a 'dark Phoenix' route, I went in a more character-based route. I felt like Spandex 6 was the climax and issue 7 was the fall-out - almost the epilogue/wrap-up.
I think when you go in the direction that I went in with Diva, you have to ask yourself 'where do I take this from here?' and of course, there aren't many places you can take it! Which is partly why I decided to end the series.
But I do think Spandex is a series where you pick up a lot from reading between the lines.
There are some little side comments which hint at what Diva's up to when she's not centre-stage. I also say quite a few things about Diva and what she's become. You see, really, she's no different. 
Personally, I do feel that even though it's a 'quiet' issue, it has some very powerful moments - Alicia v Ms Fantastic, the discussion about homosexuality & religion at the HQ, Isabelle's appearance, and maybe most powerful of all (in my mind), the scene between the priest and God.
I wanted Spandex 7 to be an under-stated issue, and I wanted to subvert people's expecatations, but I do hope people still find it powerful in its own way. Hopefully, Spandex is a series you can re-read and pick up different things with.
And don't forget, there's still one issue left, and the story of Diva (and Isabelle) is far from over...


Kelvin Green said...

Spandex #7 is a very good comic; I hope I made that clear in my review, but if not, the score is accurate!

I suppose my criticism of the issue is a bit unfair because the problem I have with it is that the story didn't go in the way I wanted, and that's not really a flaw.

I didn't realise the review had been published myself. They don't tend to tell me when they go up any more, and I didn't know about this "tiny pages made of ashes" thing; I don't know how long it's been around or if that's a new thing.

Mart said...

Hi Kelvin! Yeah I was just trying to articulate my ideas behind the issue (mostly to myself - I always assume no one reads this blog!).

Yeah I've been looking every day for the review, and finally today I did a search and found it! It's a shame all the reviews aren't shown on the thumbnail - but the Comics Bulletin website is looking good!