Monday, April 22, 2013

​​ ​My poor blog

My poor blog! I've neglected it so much! Partly because we have Google Mail at work now, so my personal passwords for the Blog don't seem to work on my work computer (not that I would write blog stuff while I'm at work, obviously...), and partly because I've been very busy. But I'm determined to use this blog site! I see my different websites as having different uses - the Spandex website contains EVERYTHING, the Facebook Spandex page contains the best highlights (because I think putting too much on Facebook can piss people off), and Twitter contains stuff when I remember i've got a Twitter account.
Plus, as  lovely as Wei's Gulk pic is (below), it's been at the top of this blog for a while and it's a bit eye-popping and needs to go down the page a bit!
So I've decided to - for now - do a quick update on where I am with things, but also - going forward - to update more regularly with something interesting...

So anyway, where am I with things now?

Well, I'm beavering away with the Spandex Special! It's going to be 48 pages (41 pages of story) and it's going slowly but surely. I'd like to get it done for October - usually I'd aim for November/Thought Bubble, but I found that a November release date tends to make a comic get ignored - people seem to wind down a bit for Christmas! I'll write more about the Spandex Special here soon.

I'm also working on The O Men Book Three - tidying up a page per day (annoyingly, there's a lot of tidying up that needs doing - just cleaning up marks on the art.) No editing or new art at all, just polishing it up.
I've got a couple of side projects on the go - I'm contributing to Too Much Sex & Violence issue 5, and I'm doing a two-page story for Geeked Magazine.

And then we have 'Class'. This is where the blog might get interesting ("Finally!" I hear you cry)! Class is going to be my next project after Spandex and The O Men - so we're looking at 2015 at the earliest! But that's the fun part. Between now and then, I can plan and plan and plan and plan. I don't have all of the story yet - nowhere near - but I will have it all by 2015, I think. I'm being inspired all the time with new ideas, so it's fun.
I'm not going to reveal everything about Class, because part of the storytelling is a spoiler, but I'll reveal little bits and pieces.
I've put a rough sketch on here. The main cast should consist of 16 people, but at the moment I have only got 12 - the others will pop into my head, I'm sure.
Stay tuned!

(Oh, I also might use this site to get things off my chest. I don't really like seeing other people do that on Facebook, so I rarely have an FB moan - but I might do it here from time.

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