Monday, April 25, 2011

Spandex 4 progress

What a strange weekend - 4 days off work - it was so surreal! So nice lol...
And I've done soooo much on Spandex 4 - in fact, I probably should have taken more breaks. I'll probably regret that later.
So anyway, I'm almost there, I think. I need to send it to the printers a week before Bristol (mid May). The bulk of it is done, so I'm now just tidying up bits and pieces.
One thing I've learned - I'm going to create my own font for issue 4. The amount of time it's taken to letter all this has been crazy. I hand letter it, scan it, but I'm rarely happy with how it looks, so I go over every single letter in Photoshop, tidying it up. I reckon if I create my font I can cut off about 2 months of work! The hardest part is sorting out all the layers - sometimes, a page will have around 200 layers, so it's hard to keep track of what's what!
And naturally, I usually leave the hardest parts of the comic til last, and a lot of today has been taken up doing background scenes - but I've actually really really enjoyed it. I came up with some cool ideas today for most of the pages I wasn't looking forward to doing, and had a lot of fun drawing in different styles.
Anyway, I've attached here a little teaser of some of the fun background extras I've been working on. None of them are big story points, and almost all of them are probably unnoticeable in the issue, but I had a lot of fun doing them anyway.

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Rol said...

Excellent - the wait is almost over!