Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's not all bad though

Hmm I still do love comics. Can't forget about all the classic old ones... They'll always be there.
I've been enjoying reading an Alpha Flight forum on Comic Book Resources, where one guy reviews every issue and people then chip in with their thoughts and comments. And my gosh it's a forum with no bitchery or haters!!!
I'm so fond of Alpha Flight, so many good memories. And reading the forum makes it clear how ground-breaking the series was. I really do feel lucky to have been a comic fan in the 80s.
It's funny though - I was looking at a retelling of the Power Pack story - a recent Day One comic - with credits to Louise Simonson and June Brigman. That was another classic, and it's so weird to think they are retelling a story from my youth... Almost as if they've given up on coming up with anything new...?!


Anonymous said...

Just dropping a note to say that although Comic Book Resources do have some excellent forums, they promote something awful...outright racism and homophobia. The Wonder Woman forum there has recently become a hotbed for anti-gay comments and the most offensive insults regarding certain posters skin colour.
I wish to implore anyone who posts on there to register their dissaproval of the moderator Aegisbearer who condones this sort of behaviour and to call for his removal and the removal of the WW forum completelty.


Rol said...

I really wish they'd collect the rest of Byrne's Alpha Flight run in trade... but apparently the first volume didn't sell enough to merit it.

Mart said...

Alpha didn't sell?? wow.
they should release volume 2 for sure - it's got the amazing death issue and the aftermath!
I wish Marvel would release colour Essentials. It's not the same reading them in black and white. Surely it can't be that expensive to produce? I'd be happy to read them on rubbish paper!