Sunday, July 25, 2010

Walking Deeead

Like most people who will read this, i'm a huge fan of the Walking Dead comic, and very excited about how the tv show is shaping up... (and also feeling weird that people are jumping on our bandwagon!)
I can't help thinking some of it isn't quite right... Andrew Lincoln as Rick... hmm not so sure.. He looks too weird. They guy who plays Shane seems more charismatic and I'd prob want to watch him more...
as much as i like Laurie Holden, i think she's too old to play Andrea... In fact the gal who plays Amy would make a better Andrea - would be great to watch her get all mean and warrior-y.
Bit worried that sarah wayne callies is too likeable for Lori...
can't wait to see Mihconne and Tyreese.
but oh well, i trust them, and it does look cool. reeeally wish they were doing it in black and white though!
a couple of thoughts on the comic - gosh, its' really slow at the moment. in fact the general consensus is that it's been a bit off the boil since they left the prison... it's definitely lost it's edge. i think it's time they killed off rick.

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Rich B. said...

I think this is going to kickass! I'm excited for it.
And no way should they kill off Rick. :P