Thursday, June 3, 2010

Japandex Day Four!

Japandex in June - Day Four!
Martin saw my shout-out for Japandex artists on Facebook and we started talking about it - we're colleagues at my day job, Martin is a designer there.
We were chatting away and Martin mentioned that he really liked the novels of Haruki Murakami which was such a weird coincidence as I was currently reading The Wind-up Bird Chronicles - my first taste of the author.
Martin said he'd like to do a take on the cover to Sputnik Sweetheart, and I really love that cover - although there are different versions of the cover, and I'm not sure if Martin had a different one in mind. I really wanted this one!
His pic is beautiful - reminds me a lot of David Mack.
Martin is currently working on a graphic novel called The Absence, and you can read all about it here It's great - I'd say it's Eddie Campbell meets Strangehaven. (I really don't know how Martin does all this with a very young daughter and a lovely wife - I can barely find time to draw myself, and I live alone!!)


JamieB said...

This is so lovely stuff -- you must be so pleased with the results

Rol said...

Really enjoying these, Martin. Is Spandex 2 available to buy over the old interweb now? Let me know and I'll Paypal you some readies.

Mart said...

Hi guys
Yeah, a lot of the images are really breath-taking.
I hope people don't feel too bombarded by them all - It's only for June!
Rol, yep Spandex 2 is now available thru here: