Friday, February 19, 2010

Curly vagina

Sometimes i get really annoyed reading comics. Just the sheer incompetence of it all.
Two comics have riled me recently.
First of all there is the Great Ten. These seemed like really cool creations in 52, but what a clusterfuck of a series. So badly drawn, so over-written - just abysmal. (The Japanese heroes Final Crisis spin-off comic was just as bad. Non-sensical!).
And then there's Titans. What happened to this once great title? There isn't even a reason for them to be around any more (it's all about the Teen Titans - but that team is woefully bad at the moment). And why does Starfire wear such an outrageous costume? And aren't they all heading over to JLA (where Mark Bagley seems to have forgotten how to draw, and can't quite keep Donna Troy's cleaveage consistent.)?(And when will Donna Troy get a superhero name?)
But the latest issue is pure shit (the one with Starfire and Cyborg on the cover). Sloppy hack-y artwork (almost but not quite nearing the badness of Tom Denerick)... And we have the sympathetic tale of Phobia, a villainess with a strange, curly vagina. We actually feel a bit sorry for her as she relates her back-story...and then Starfire wakes up and beats her to a pulp leaving her quivering and bleeding and begging on the floor. Wow. Nice.
Comics, sort yourselves out!
Moan moan moan...


Rol said...

Mark Bagley hasn't forgotten how to draw. HE NEVER KNEW!

Serves you right for reading DC.

Mart said...

awww. i had a soft spot for him on his 90s marvel stuff... New Warriors!
I think he's got a bad inker now too...

DC leaves me a bit limp at the moment apart from Detective Comics and the return of Crazy Jane (for how long...?). Hopefully Zatanna will be good, but I'm not holding my breath.

Tone said...

Early New Warriors was great, but looking back that may have been in spite of, not because of Bagley.

Great blog post title Mart. That is a most dodgy costume, reminds me of Cockrum's big bush Polaris outfit:

Mart said...

Yeah... Bagley was a way...but functional.
Wow that's a big bush!!