Sunday, November 1, 2009

How I spent my Sunday

Some new pics here, that i've had bubbling away in my brain...
They're actually all modelled on poses of famous actors and actresses - a prize if you know the originals (they're really obscure lol). The Diva one is loosely based on the Hello Boys ad thingy, I'll give you that one.
I hope, by basing some of my pics on photos, that I'm not going to get a reputation as the next Greg Land hehe - they really are only loosely based... inspirations.


Rich B. said...

I admit, I have no idea what images you based any of these on (I'm bad at stuff like that, lol). I have to say that these are all really amazing. I really like the look of all of them. Great job!

Mart said...

Thanks Rich!
Liberty is based on a Monica Belluci photo from an Evening Standard magazine.
Indigo is from a photo of Penelope Cruz in the latest Empire magazine - a picture with some beautiful pink colours.
Neon is based on a shot of Korean actor Lee Byung Hun who appeared in A Bittersweet Life.