Sunday, July 12, 2009

Spandex - meet Prowler!

I forgot all about these little intros!
Here's one of my favourites - Prowler.
He took ages to develop and get right, but I knew the basics and felt he always had to be on the team.
He basically has the power to absorb the talents/powers/skills of any gay person in the vicinity... So that means he can borrow his team-mates'/enemies' powers or even just cook a fabulous 3 course meal...
Originally he was just a bouncy fella with a tail, maybe Indian, but eventually I settled on making him half-Latino with those rather unique powers.
His name took ages, and i went thru loads - Unity, Origin, Amalgam - before settling on Prowler, which just happens to be a famous gay shop (please don't sue, please don't sue...). The pic here actually shows his early name, Unity.
I enjoy drawing Prowler because I think he has cool hair. It's spikey and i just go all sketchy on it, and somehow it comes out looking quite unique.
I based this picture on a photo of Chinese artist Benjamin, you may have seen it already somewhere else.


Louis XIV, 'The Sun King' said...

This is the one where we had the back-and-forth about crosshatching wasn't it? Where you broke with the past and went with a new clean line style... and all the better for it.

Mart said...

yes, you were correct.
there's not much cross-hatching in Spandex.