Sunday, April 6, 2008

Secret Invasion (spoilers)

And so it begins...
Or apparently it began years and years ago, as Bendis would have us believe.
So the first Secret Invasion issue isn’t too bad. The art doesn’t quite work in places, and it takes a hell of a time to get going. Bendis’ dialogue isn’t quite as sparky as usual (but thank god there’s no thought bubbles - jeez that doesn’t work).
But of course what we want here are revelations. So it looks like Dum Dum is a Skrull, Henry Pym (since when... since forever??), and jarvis - or jarvis is some kinda sleeper agent.
But the big revelation is the 17 heroes who emerge from the ship. Personally, I’m not convinced. While it’d be great to have Mockingbird back and Jean Grey, plus Jewel, the thought that people like Ms Marvel, Cap, Spidey, Iron Man and Wolvy have been Skrulls all along is just... well it’s just too much.


kelvingreen said...

Well, Spider-Man has already recently been replaced by an alien (a Space Phantom), but that was in Beyond!, and I'm pretty sure Bendis hasn't read that, based on how he's characterised Hank Pym and The Hood since then.

And Wolverine and Iron Man have already been in major stories where there was a big reveal that they'd been replaced by Skrulls, so I can't see even Marvel being stupid enough to do it again with both of them.

Then again, they let Bendis do whatever he likes these days, so I wouldn't be surprised by anything.

Rol said...

Some of 'em will be skrulls, some of them won't. From a psychological warfare pov - and a keeping-us-on-our toes pov, that makes most sense.